Morning report. 1999-11-19

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0611 NEWS STORY OTAGO/SOUTHLAND FLOODING - Civil Defence emergencies remain in force in Clutha district and Alexandra, localised CD emergency in place in Queenstown/lake Wakatipu ward; police have cordoned off site of large slump in Frankton which has resulted in several houses being evacuated; Queenstown's central shopping area is still flooded and roads into town remain blocked; live report from Graham McKerracher in Alexandra; Peter Wells reports live from Queenstown. NORTHERN IRELAND - PEACE PROCESS - US mediator George Mitchell issues final report on review of process. For first time, there is real hope Good Friday Accord could end years of bloodshed. Live i/v with Irish Affairs expert Dr Jim MacAuley.
0620 RURAL NEWS OTAGO/SOUTHLAND FLOODING - likely damage to floodgates and stopbanks major concern for farmers. Civil Defence emergencies still in forcein Queenstown, Alexandra and Clutha District. Several farms in Kaitangata and Inchclutha areas evacuated and other farmers shifted stock. (Diana Leufkens) NZ DAIRY GROUP EXPANSION - NZDG plans to invest nearly $36 million in expanding Edendale site near Invercargill to cope with milk growth in South Island; MORATORIUM - NZDG says its moratorium on new dairy farm conversion will remain in place until at least June next year. (Diana Leufkens) EXPORTER OF YEAR AWARD won by Dairy Board, also wins major exporter category, beating Telecom's international division. Chief exec Warren Larsen says award comes at time of great upheaval and uncertainty in industry. (Kevin Ikin) WOOL PRICES - strong demand boosts prices at CH sale, one of main fine wool auctions for season. (Kevin Ikin) LIVESTOCK FARMING - scientists at animal welfare conference in WN says consumer demand for healthier food, animals and environments will determine shape of livestock farming in future. Dr Neville Gregory, Meat Industry Research Inst, predicts consumer backlash will stymie development of many new growth hormones and biotechnologies. (Diana Leufkens)
0625 SPORTS STORY SOCCER WORLD CUP for under-17s - semi-finals tomorrow, organisers expecting big crowds despite absence of NZ team. Live i/v with organising committee chief exec Bill McGowan.
0635 NEWS STORY EAST TIMOR - REFUGEES - return of displaced people from West Timor gathers pace as border crossing points open up and boatloads of refugees begin arriving in Dili. Still 150,000 in camps in West Timor and there are reports of increased militia activity around them, seemingly focussed on intimidation to dissuade people from returning to East Timor. I/v with Craig Sanders, emergency operations co-ordinator for UN high Commissioner for Refugees. (Mng Rpt) INTERNATIONAL PAPERS MANA MāORI TRAFFIC REPORT
0648 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS ELECTION - BUSINESS POLICIES - SURVEY - National Party comes out in front of survey of businesses by Lampen recruitment company. Climate Survey designed to gauge feelings around some of general economic and employment conditions so close to election. I/v with Lampen general manager Jane Kennelly. (Helen Matterson) ELECTION - ECONOMIC/BUSINESS POLICIES - live discussion re party policies with NZIER director Alex Sundakov and Claire Johnston, chief exec of WN Chamber of Commerce. FINANCE/MARKETS MARKET REVIEW INTERNET TRAFFIC - tool measuring traffic launched to local businesses, especially those staking future on e-commerce, joint venture between market research company A C Nielsen and technology firm NetRatings claims to be first of kind available in NZ. Information aims to help those who provide content for web sites, media companies, advertising agencies and financial institutions. (Helen Matterson) BUSINESS BRIEFS
0700 INTRO/NEWS OTAGO/SOUTHLAND FLOODING - Clutha River drops overnight but is expected to stay will above normal levles as water continues to drain out of the southern lakes; council staf turn water pumps back on in Alexandra after 2 days of water restrictions; Queenstown police to meet group of Frankton residents evacuated from homes after large slump on Frankton Rd; Clutha River floods farmland at Kaitangata, state of emergency in force in area. 30 residents evacuated from Kaitangata, more than 100 - including rest home residents- moved from low-lying areas of Balclutha; live i/v with Murray Burns, operations manager for Clutha District Civil Defence; live report from Graham McKerracher in Alexandra. ALEXANDRA FLOODING - this week's floods third to devastate town in 5 years, many locals say blame falls on shoulders of Contact Energy which owns the Clyde and Roxburgh dams on Clutha River. Alexandra Flood Action Group says build-up of silt between dams caused floods and wants Contact to help pay cost of cleaning up. Group spokesman Lawrence O'Connell says his insurance company will not insure him against any future floods - i/ved. (Mng Rpt). QUEENSTOWN FLOODING - live i/v with Phil Dunstan, Civil Defence head for Queenstown Lakes District; live report from Peter Wells in Queenstown. ELECTION - POLLS - 3 new polls all show clear win for centre-left. "National Business Review"-Compaq poll done by UMR Inasight, TV3 CM Research poll, and "NZ Herald" Digipol all show Labour and Alliance would have enough support without NZ First. Live i/v with Political editor Al Morrison. CHECHNYA - OSCE - President Ylettsin walks out of summit meeting of Orgn for Security and Co-operation in Europe in show of defiance after condemnation of Russian's military assault on Chyechnya; i/v with correspondent Dominic Waghorn. (Mng Rpt)
0730 NEWS/WEATHER NZ PAPERS FINANCE UPDATE INFANT MORTALITY - WN public health specialists say number of NZ babies who die before reaching first birthday is still too high, publish statistical model in "The Lancet" showing growing gap in income levels of rich and poor is to blame. Live i/v with co-author Phillipa Howden-Chapman. ELECTION - LEADERS - NATIONAL - Stephen Harris follows Jenny Shipley on the campaign trail. ELECTION - LEADERS - ASSESSMENT - political reporters discuss the campaign performances of the party leaders: Stephen Harris - Jenny Shipley; Sarah Boyd - Helen Clark; Todd Niall - Winston Peters; Kathryn Street - Richard Prebble; Clare Sziranyi - Jim Anderton.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER OTAGO/SOUTHLAND FLOODING - Clutha District Civil Defence controllers meeting to review state of emergency; Alexandra Civil Defence staff also meeting to review state of emergency, but Alexandra still without full water supply and some power andphone services yet to be restored; live i/v with Civil Defence controller for Clutha District, Keith Fyall, who's just flown over area in helicopter. ALEXANDRA FLOODING - Alexandra Flood Action Group believes flooding caused by silt build-up between Clyde and Roxburgh dams, wants Contact Energy to help pay for clean-up and repairing damage. 12 insurance companies join forces to seek $2 million in damages from Contact Energy after 1995 floods which also devastated Alexandra. Live i/v with Chris Littlewood, lawyer representing the insurance companies; live i/v with Insurance Council, Chris Ryan. TEACHER QUALITY - independent council to be set up for teachers after highly critical report raises questions about quality of teacher training. Education Review Office report says recent graduates have shortcomings in some critical areas and describes amount of study in key subjects as alarming. Live i/v with Prof Noeline Alcorn, chair of Teacher Education Forum, which represents 19 training providers. NORTHERN IRELAND - PEACE PROCESS - US mediator George Mitchell expresses hopes for lasting peace but warns a deal has yet to be fully sealed. Live i/v with correspondent David McKittrick. MILLENNIUM BABIES - latest figures show parents shying away from having millennium babies. Health Funding Authority says number of women registered as having expected delivery date in December of January is 20% down on same period last year. Comment from expectant mother Catherine Hill, HFA maternity services manager Barbara Brown, and Karen Guilliland, College of Midwives. (Mark Torley) TRAFFIC REPORT
0830 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS ELECTION - POVERTY FORUM in AK overshadowed by protestors heckling and drowning out speakers from National Party and ACT. Forum included speakers from 4 political parties and social service providers. (Barbara Dreaver) FAILED AIRLINES - Cityjet joins the list of small airlines that have tried and failed to compete with bigger operators. Why is success so elusive for new players? Comment from Cityjet receiver Anthony McCullagh, director Steve Mosen, Aviation Industry Assn president John McCall and Civil Aviation Authority director Kevin Ward. (David Passey) INTERNATIONAL PAPERS BIG BANG - US nuclear accelerator designed to replicate Big Bang that created universe raises concerns among some physicists it could create black hole that could destroy Earth. Live i/v with John Marburger, director of Brookhaven National Laboratories which is using the accelerator to make ions collide so it illegible find out what tiny particles are like that make up atoms. WEEKEND WEATHER PAVAROTTI - millions of dollars and months of preparation have gone into tomorrow night's concert in AK by Luciano Pavarotti. Promoters have gone to great lengths to ensure everyone gets a "slice of pav". (Mary-Jane Aggett) OZ SPOT - live i/v with Phil Kafcaloudes. (bodies of snowboarders found at Thredbo; PM John Howard throws a party for the pro-monarchist lobby)

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