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Boy playing with [soccer] ball at his foot. Offscreen voice: “Key kid! We’re gonna cut your hair!” Shocked look on boy’s face as he pulls off his peaked cap and replies (facing the camera): “Oh no, you’re not!”. Voice off: “Oh yes, we are! And - you’re not going to the barber’s!”. “Huh?” from the boy. Voice off: “Or use scissors!”. “Phew!” from the boy. Voice off: “We’ll use this - ” Hand in view holding device. “ - the new Philips’ Home Trim”. Lap dissolve to boy having his hair ‘home trimmed’ and combed. “Philips’ Home Trim is as simple as combing.” Close-up of device. Voice off: “With eight settings - and these safety bars to cut, trim and shave.” Boy smiling with cut hair. Voice off: “How’s that?”. “Great,” the boy enthuses, “How about the rest of the family?.” He is quickly joined by eight other children. Voice off: “Phillips’ Home Trim cuts the cost of cutting hair -”. Onscreen: “$39.00”. Voice continues as camera pulls back to reveal adult speaker. “Whether you’ve a lot - or a little”. He pats his own head on the latter. Philips logo forms in white on blue background.

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Year 1979

Reference number C7303

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Advertisement

Duration 0:00:30

Production company Aardvark Films