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Out door activities around Auckland - includes golf, walking, beaches.

0 ft “The 'Out of Doors' : The Environs of Auckland, New Zealand.”
6 ft “The long islands of New Zealand, outspread through many degrees of Southern Latitude, stretch through the Temperate Zone towards the Tropics.”
14 ft “In the clear warmth of the northern summer, Auckland's citizens seek the shade and the breeze of the great out-doors.”
22 ft View from hilltop of car going along road, people walking.
30 ft View from (?) Mt Eden of One Tree Hill in background.
40 ft Car parked in shade, view of Rangitoto and harbour.
48 ft “The outskirts of the 'City of the Sun.”
50 ft Panorama from hilltop.
56 ft “Auckland abounds in open spaces and shady trees.”
58 ft View from hill (One Tree Hill?).
72 ft View of castle at base of Mt Eden (?) looking out to harbour.
88 ft 'Where the zephyr scarce ruffles the harbour's calm.”
90 ft Wharves, large buildings, view from water.
105 ft “Many there are whom the green links call.”
108 ft “Golf players - starting at clubhouse, then out on green.”
120 ft Man in plus 4's teeing off.
133 ft “Over the bunker, on to the green.”
134 ft Golfer plays shot.
142 ft View from hill of golfers.
148 ft. Golfer in sand trap, then putting.
164 ft “It's moments like those...!”
166 ft Putt into hole, trick shot.
171 ft “The long smooth road from the city's gates..”
173 ft Cars on straight road and hill, car approaches camera.
185 ft “ the forest and sparkling falls.”
186 ft Waterfall in middle of bush, man walks down path. C.U. waterfall, man stands next to fall.
215 ft “The shady portals of the cavern cool.”
236 ft Man walks at base of cliffs into sandy cave, waves coming in, man runs.
250 ft “The ceaseless thunder of the surge, re-echoes from the rugged cliffs.”
252 ft Waves and cliffs - varied shots, from above and sea level.
267 ft “And watch the golden path, way from the west, that shimmers over the waters heaving breast.” (end of title out of rack).
271 ft Sea, beach, rocks.
277 ft NZ Government Publicity - logo.
278 ft End

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Year 1929

Reference number F3645

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:07:42

Production company New Zealand Government Publicity Office