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00:00 'NEW ZEALAND AUDIBLE ITEMS OF INTEREST' Sound by J H Gault, Camera by Jack Welsh.
00:17 BRITAIN WINS FIRST TEST Dunedin NZ 21st June, 1930.
00:22 “After Waiting through Heavy Snow Storm 28,000 People saw the British Team triumph by 6 points to 3 in its First Test against New Zealand at Carisbrook.”
00:40 Enthusiastic fans in their wet weather gear, some with umbrellas and blankets wrapped round their knees wait for the game to start.
00:52 School boys and the crowd sitting around perimeter of field.
01:07 NZ team dressed in white shirts and black shorts march onto field.
Line up on the field; weather looks cold and wet.
01:25 “Running description by 4.Y.A. Dunedin.”
01:29 Game in progress; score - Britain 3, New Zealand Nil.
02:14 Game in progress; buildings in background advertise ‘KOLYNOS Dental Cream & Burn Linto Cream.’
03:45 Man appears from left of screen and walks across field 03:53 Flash frame, and disappears; game continues.
04:01 Scrum; building in background advertises ‘Hudsons, Chocolates, Biscuits,’
04:58 Flash frame; game continues.
07:34 Crowd leaving grounds; walking across the field and pouring out into the street.
08:03 THE END - Welsh-Gault-Sound System

“Mayor and Town Clerk of Wellington play in opening game of season.”
Camera Vinsen New Zealand sound Scenes.
008:14 Man holding tennis racket speaks competitors and spectators.
008:25 Mayor T C A Hislop, Town Clerk Mr Norman and the local member of parliament Mr McKean declared the court open for play and started the games with a four-some.
008:39 Players and spectators view the game from sideline.
008:42 Ladies game in progress.
008:48 Spectators behind wire netting barricade.

008:49 FOR MILADY -
“The New Season's Fashions”
Camera Vinsen New Zealand sound Scenes.
Several models appear on stage modelling the following garments.
008:56 An orange suit in fine woven wool with a divided skirt, suitable for tennis and beach wear and showing new shoulder cape.
009:07 A blue striped angora cardigan suit.
009:11 One piece cotton beach pyjamas, floral design low sun back and full flared trousers.
009:28 Beige crinkly crepe ensemble, 3/4 semi-fitted coat introducing the new wide shoulder line
009:36 Royal blue 2 piece wool midi-suit in royal blue.
009:40 A cleverly cut 2 piece, in fancy wool georgette.
009:51 New wool sun suit of black flared trousers and striped jumper, the newest thing in beach suits.
009:58 White full length organdy, lace, frilled, pleated evening gowns. Organdy is a big feature of the season, in floral, check and plain colours, billowy effects, fluffy and fascinating.
010:22 A beige satin gown with brown velvet sash.
010:25 Exquisite bridal gown of 1833 in dove coloured silk taffeta, made with billowy 2 flounced wired skirt.

“Wellington N.Z. Representatives leave for Brisbane Tournament.”
Camera Vinsen New Zealand Sound Scenes.
010:41 Boarding a ship for Brisbane, Australia are a group of amateur New Zealand boxers, leaving to contest the Australian titles. They include: P Williams, R Purdie, W Purdie, Tiny Lindsay, W Hawkins, H Neil and W McKaye. Mr Bush is manager and Jack Donahue trainer, all boarding ship for Australia.
011:00 Well wishers farewell group from Wellington wharf; team members on board ship; streamers are flying everywhere;passengers leaning over ship’s deck.
011:07 Last picture frame.

“Dunedin - Welcome home to Australasian Golf Champion.”
Camera Hill New Zealand Sound Scenes.
Miss Oliver Kay of Dunedin carrying large bouquet of flowers is welcomed home from Australia after winning the Australian Ladies Golf Championship while she has held, or holds 6 New Zealand provincial titles.

“Wellington - Genuine jockeys on dinkum donkeys, and Pahu wins with its ears back.”
Camera Vinsen New Zealand Sound Scenes
Man entices donkey out of horse float while other men stand by and watch; man at bottom of plank holds a mega-phone in his left hand; removing cover from donkey; men parade donkeys around course in preparation for the charity carnival held at the Kilbirnie Stadium; four well known jockeys were engaged to ride; the starter, judge and clerk of the course were also present to organise the races.
012:22 Jockey Ashley Jenkins riding bareback on 'Eminent' at rodeo section of of derby.
012:31 Watched by large crowd, Pahu ridden by Reg Mackey, Vitafoam-J Gunup, Cuttersmore-W Martin provided a thrilling race, Pahu winning by long ear.
012:45 Miss Mary McKennedy, Carnival Sports Queen presents trophies to all 4 riders; Mary McKennedy, Jockeys and Organisers pose for cameraman.
012:59 Last picture frame.

013:02 Logo - New Zealand Soundscenes - Maori chief voice over “Tena koutou, e mihi na Aotearoa, me te Waipounamu, ki te Ao Katoa, Ake, Ake, Kia Kaha!”
Sound Film Productions (New Zealand) Limited, Present New Zealand “Soundscenes” The Screen Voice of New Zealand - Welsh

Rassling Season Is Here ... Whiskers Blake and Cout Joseph Vargas.

015:21 God Defend New Zealand ... Dunedin Male Voice Choir. The Royal Dunedin Male Choir perform at Glenfalloch residence in Macandrew Bay. [The words were written by Thomas Bracken in 1875 and the music was composed by John Woods of Lawrence in 1927. This performance actually took place in 1933.]

016:46 7 Year Old Dancing Phenomenon ... Rowena Jackson [1933]

018:32 Crashes the Talkie Gate ... Colin Tapley

019:05 ... Egmont Calling

020:09 National Confidence Carnival:
020:58 Greta Stark princess of Sport dressed in striped jacket and hat, holds a tennis racquet under her arm; Greta playing tennis.
21:15 Nancy Olput, Aquatic princess swims toward camera; emerges from the surf, stands to pose and wave to camera.
021:37 Several young ladies representing Phyllis Oliver the Communities Princess.
022:00 Last picture frame.

“Fourteen hundred Taranaki excursionists travel on new Tangarakau line.”
Camera Burgess New Zealand Soundscenes.
022:08 Steam train arrives with 1400 visitors who converge on Ohura, the centre of the eastern district of Taranaki 1400 Until the recently constructed Stratford main trunk line, Ohura was an isolated rich dairy farming community, which depended on its markets from Auckland; bridge across the Ohura River; engine driver in cab; crowds wave farewell as train leaves the Ohura station; brief shots taken from guards-van as train enters tunnel.
022:55 Last picture frame.

The 1st test between Great Britain & New Zealand at Carisbrook, Dunedin, New Zealand 21st June 1930.
The referee was S. Hollander (Canterbury), the crowd attendance was 27,000 and the weather was wet & extremely cold with snow showers while the ground was muddy.
Great Britain leads 3 - 0 at half time.
Final score: Great Britain 6 - New Zealand 3
Scorers for Great Britain were : Tries - J.S.R. Reeve (Harlequins & England), J.C. Morley (Newport & Wales)
Scorer for New Zealand: G.F. Hart (Canterbury).

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Year 1930

Reference number F4483

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Newsreel

Duration 0:22:55

Production company Welsh, Gault

Credits Sound: J H Gault
Camera: Jack Welsh
Commentator: A L Cantor