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0 ft A dog running down a narrow country road.

13 ft “A visit to the famous Kawarau Dam. Scene of Gold Mining Activities.”
View of the dam and water explosions.

39 ft Shots of an explosion; water racing through dam gates; several workmen standing on a huge rock beside the river, appear to be working with slabs of cut rock.

83 ft “Ferry Wharf Queenstown.”
The ferry Earnslaw with passengers on board; leaving the wharf; lifeboat drill exercises on the Earnslaw; other scenes taken during trip.

187 ft “Entrance to Queenstown Park Children’s Playground and Party Walks.”

255 ft “Shooting the Wild Goat. Queenstown is the Place for Sports.”
A dog baling up a goat on a rugged mountainside; two young lads (the hunters) appear pleased with their catch; camera pans left to show mountains and lakes; family enjoying a day in the country; boats moored in harbour; country scenes.

327 ft Sign reads “To Skippers.”
Four cars travelling up a dusty country road; people enjoying the view; men being pulled across river by overhead cable; a dredge operates in the river below.

415 ft A small country settlement, several couples dance on the road to the accompaniment of a piano accordion; a group of farmers with dogs in tow. The dogs are let off for a run at the end of the road.

456 ft Cars travelling through a narrow gorge and mountainous roadways; men stop beside river to enjoy a beer? and something to eat; men enjoying a trip on motorised dinghy;

Queenstown scenes; swimmers and bathers enjoy themselves on fore shore; children diving from wharf.

594 ft Scenes taken at Bowling and Croquet Greens; people on board launch wave to camera; people boarding launch named “Kelvin.”

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Year 1925

Reference number F4575

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:10:51