[MT COOK CA. 1927]

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Southern Alps and the Hermitage - scenes inside, at breakfast, in recreation room. Spectacular views of Mt Cook & surrounding mountains.

0 ft. W.S. snow-covered Southern Alps.
56 ft. W.S. of mountains, Hermitage in foreground.
83 ft. W.S. of mountains.
114 ft. M.W.S. of Hermitage : motor coach & people at front.
122 ft. L.S. of two women having breakfast in front of window.
128 ft. W.S. of mountains outside window.
136 ft. L.S. of couple again.
146 ft. Iris in to M.W.S. of recreation room - pool table and game of table tennis in progress.
173 ft. Iris in to group outside front door of Hermitage. C.U. of one woman.
193 ft. W.S. of mountain peaks.
211 ft. C.U. of woman, M.S. of gp outside Hermitage . Iris out.
219 ft. Iris in M.S. of woman taking photo.
225 ft. W.S. of mountain peaks.
240 ft. M.S. of woman taking photo.
244 ft. L.S. of 3 women sitting outside on bench.
255 ft. M.S. of 2 men talking - man with lemon squeezer hat. Vic Williams (guide in SOUTHERN PEAKS and RIVER AND ICE) His companion takes a photo.
267 ft. W.S. of mountain peaks.
290 ft. M.S. of group, a woman and 2 men, one of whom takes a picture.
303 ft. W.S. of mountain peaks.
314 ft. M.S. of group.
325 ft. M.S. of woman standing outside, met by a man. W .S. of mountain peaks.
362 ft. L.S. of couple standing beside glacier. W.S. mountain peaks; iris in & out of same sequences.
532 ft. Finish.

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Year 1927

Reference number F5367

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:05:54