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Rugby match at Wanganui between British Lions & Wanganui teams 1930

0 ft THE MUDDIED ‘OOFS BRITISH TOUR OPENED “Wanganui Defeated 19 - 5 Match of Thrilling Interest”
11 ft “Over 10,000 Rugby fans made the arena at Cook’s Gardens an inspiring picture - a wonderful tribute to the Rugby Code.”
51 ft “Pressmen from all over New Zealand and many from England were present.”
72 ft “The 19-year-old Wanganui Captain Ken Gibbons, with the British Captain, W. Sobey and Referee H.J. McKenzie.”
94 ft “The British Team.”
117 ft “Wanganui’s hope.”
179 ft “The Britishers’ extra three quarter told a tale in passing rushes, and frequently left the Wanganui wing with two men to watch. This led to the visitors scoring an excellent try ten minutes before time was up.”
263 ft “Prentice, the English Team Captain acted a line umpire.”
304 ft “The British forwards showed a disposition to get offside in their dribbling rushes.”
368 ft “The extra 24st of the English-men told when they put their weight into the scrums.”
395 ft “The outstanding feature so far had been the big kicking of the British backs.”
431 ft “And following an old tradition after the match - it is many a time re-played.”
441 ft (pic) Hotel Imperial prop. T. Hurley”
463 ft “And ex-footballer Tom & Mrs Hurley make all happy!”
468 ft Last frame title.

Great Britain & Wanganui at Cook’s Garden, Wanganui, New Zealand 21st May 1930.
the referee was H.J. McKenzie (Wairarapa), the crowd attendance was 15,000 estimated and the weather was showers before the gams, fine during the game while the ground was soft.
The score at half time : Great Britain 14 - 0.
The final score : Great Britain 19 - Wanganui 3.
The scorers for Great Britain were : Tries - C.D. Aarvold (Headingley & England), A.L. Novis (Army & England), J.C. Morley (Newport & Wales), Conversions - I.E. Jones (Llanelli & Wales) (3), Dropped Goal - I.E. Jones (Llanelli & Wales).
The scorer for Wanganui was : Try - D. McLennan (Hautapu).

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Year 1930

Reference number F5403

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:05:11