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Fishing for trout in the Rotorua Lakes area.

0 ft. 'The New Zealand Government Publicity Office presents Lake Okataina in Rotorua Lakes District'.
15 ft. 'Though comparatively little known, Lake Okataina, set amid fern and forest clad hills, holds much of quiet charm'.
35 ft. 'The lake is famed among anglers for both the number and fighting qualities of the Rainbow Trout which abound within its depths'.
55 ft. View of Lake, boat shed & boat in middle ground, car arrives along road.
74 ft. 'Sunlight on the waters'.
77 ft. W.S. little jetty in lake, people on shore.
93 ft. 'Starting point of many a fishing and sightseeing cruise.. the old jetty at the head of the lake'.
103 ft. L.S. 2 people at end of jetty.
119 ft. Dissolve to 2 people walking back to shore.
132 ft. L.S. Walking along.
150 ft. 'A refreshing plunge beneath the sunlit surface'.
158 ft. W.S. Diving from end of jetty.
185 ft. 'Visitors embarking to explore the beauties of the lake'.
192 ft. W.S. Lake, hills behind, people walking along shore to boat at end of jetty.
213 ft. L.S. People getting on boat.
233 ft. L.S. boat departs.
257 ft. View from stern as boat takes off.
282 ft. 'Cruising down the fair way..'.
287 ft. W.S. Bush covered cliffs, boat.
314 ft. '.. along a shoreline of rugged grandeur'.
319 ft. View from boat of bush covered shore & cliffs. [Some decomposition from here on].
367 ft. 'Past groves of shady tree ferns mantling the verdant hills'.
374 ft. Shot continues.
379 ft. 'Trolling for the finny denizens of the lake'.
402 ft. W.S. From stern, small dinghy, 2 men & rods, fishing.
421 ft. 'The lure soon entices a hungry Rainbow to his doom..'.
427 ft. L.S. Men fishing from dinghy.
441 ft . '..but not without a gallant struggle'.
445 ft. W.S. Fish in water, brought into boat.
520 ft. 'A secluded cove among the hills'.
525 ft. W.S. Boat coming into cove.
550 ft. Dissolve to L.S. people disembarking.
565 ft. Dissolve to M.L.S. man in dinghy holds up 2 large trout.
574 ft. D. to M.C.U trout.
558 ft. 'A silvery beach beneath the shady trees'.
592 ft. W.S. man walks beneath trees along shore, sits on shore.
620 ft. 'Where the forest leans down to the shining lake'.
625 ft. W.S. Lake framed by trees.
638 ft. 'An age old pastime ... skipping stones along the surface'.
645 ft. L.S. man on shore skipping stones.
660 ft. Dissolve to W.S. Stone skipping on surface.
674 ft. 'Toward the close of day..'.
678 ft. W.S. 2 men in dinghy on lake framed by willows.
695 ft. '..when sunset gilds the shore, and ripples sparkle in the bay'.
701 ft. W.S. Lake, man at edge, hills, sun behind.
720 ft. 'Kia Ora' Animated Kiwi. New Zealand Government Publicity'.
738 ft. End.

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Year 1929

Reference number F5653

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:11:00

Production company New Zealand Government Publicity Office