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The film shows scenes of a cadet parade for Field Marshall Lord Kitchener at Addington Showgrounds in Christchurch on 22 February 1910. It was one of the many parades and public inspections carried out by Kitchener during his visit to New Zealand in February-March 1910 to inspect and report on New Z. THis oneealand defence policy.

The film is possibly offcuts of CADETS AT HAGLEY PARK, which was screened with other patriotic fundraisers later in the year. Major TW McDonald, who must be related to the cameraman the number of times he appears in these films, commanded the parade but for once does not appear on film. The crowd scenes captured on film are “remarkably picturesque... It was one of the most cosmopolitan of public gatherings.” (”The Cadet Review: An Inspiring Spectacle”, Christchurch Press, 23 February 1910, p.7)

LS School Cadets and Boy Scouts march past in line, with tents in background, perhaps rehearsing for the parade. LS School Cadets and Boy Scouts on street edge of Hagley Park, [Maori Pa from Christchurch Exhibition in background].

LS School Cadets led by Buglers and School officers parade past camera, along Rolleston Avenue to Addington Showgrounds with clouds of dust creating difficulties for all. Camera filming from raised position overlooks crowd at Addington Showgrounds lining route to catch glimpse of FM Kitchener. Car with Kitchener and entourage quickly passes.

Members of the Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry (CYC) in white helmets and scarlet tunics ride through the crowd, series of shots of large crowd in summer finery, men in suits and hats, women and girls in white dresses and summer hats. Ladies wheeling perambulators. Couples strolling through the crowd on a hot summer’s day with School Cadets and Boy Scouts marching past in the background.

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Year 1910

Reference number F6076

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Actuality

Duration 0:02:05

Production company Department of Tourist and Health Resorts

Credits Camera: James McDonald