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Intertitles: “In the heart of New Zealand’s North Island , lies a wonder region of great lakes, volcanic peaks, geysers and fumaroles in bewildering array.” and “Near the southern end of this strange district lies the vast Lake Taupo, guarded by the mountains of Tongariro National Park.” Lakeside tree in foreground with mountains visible on the far shore. Intertitle: “Wairakei Hotel -- in the centre of geyser-land, a few leagues from the lake.” Hatted visitors approach the hotel on the neat pathways
outside. Intertitle: “The daily procession sets out for Geyser Valley”. [Tour guide] in peaked cap on running board of car as it moves out from the hotel. Other [guides] and cars are behind. The cars pull up by a hillside with steaming patches. The party sets off on a track. Steam. Geyser. Boiling mud. Intertitle” “Across the valley, the Champagne Cauldron seethes with furious heat.” The party at the steaming edge. Intertitle: “The tenant of this Eagle’s nest would nest asbestos feathers”. Twigs beside a geyser mouth (or small pool of boiling water) looking a bit nest-like. Ngā Māhanga Geyser. Karapati Blowhole in hillside beside path. The Waikato river flowing. Huka Falls. Aratiatia Rapids with two observers on the bank.

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Year 1930

Reference number F6525

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Short

Duration 00:09:13

Production company New Zealand Government Publicity Office