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NZ Post And Telegraph Dept. Presents FROM BACK BLOCKS TO HIGH SEAS
A Romance Of The Radio - Telegraph Service

A list of ships at sea which are in radio communication with the coast stations operated by the NZ Post And Telegraph Deptartment are being found at principle Post and Telegraph Departments and also the daily newspapers of the Dominion. Behind this list lies the story of modern wireless telegraphy.
Early day wireless operations were limited to 200 miles and almost double this at night. Today however, with modern technology operations are almost unlimited for messages to be transmitted. Ships from all over the world are in daily contact with Radio New Zealand stations.
In isolated rural areas radio messages can be transmitted very quickly. The process by which these messages are sent.
are described and shown in full. The teleprinter machine has almost trebled the rate of transmissions from that of Morse Code and at the same time reduced the number of hours in which telegrams are sent around the world.
The End.
A New Zealand National Picture.

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Year 1939

Reference number F7739

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:10:51

Production company Government Film Studios

Credits Commentator: Eele Crove
Scenario: E Bradwell
Director: E Bradwell
Producer: The Govt Film Studios - Dept Of Tourist
Producer: Publicity Wellington For The New Zealand Post
Producer: Telegraph Dept