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0 ft. “Greymouth Topical - Scenes at the Labour Day Trots.
12 ft. W.S. pan of crowd at racetrack.
24 ft. C.U. of hand pointing to programme , pen 'Labour Day Handicap', and overlay, “No. 12, Smithfield”
32 ft. W.S. of track, race in progress.
38 ft. M.C.U. of winner, Smithfield.
42 ft. “Do You Know These People?”
49 ft. M.C.U. of 2 men consulting race book, as well as M.C.U's. of different people at the racetrack; crowd scenes-men in suits/hats, women in their finery.
151 ft. “Did Our Camer (sic) man stay too long in Ned Quinn's booth”
160 ft. W.S. of people going backwards upstairs, and along racetrack.
188 ft. C.U. of race book - pointing to 'Jubilee Handicap' 1st Cardinal Logan - Imprint fell 100 yards from finish' written at the bottom.
210 ft. W.S. of track - race in progess - Imprint falls, and driver & horse are helped up after much struggling.

220 ft. “Working the bar in bad weather”
229 ft. W.S. of waves on rocky seashore - ships at sea..?..dredges.
268 ft. “S.S. Regulus”
271 ft. W.S. of ship at sea.
327 ft. Sunset.
333 ft. Finish

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Year 1928

Reference number F8014

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Newsreel

Duration 0:03:42

Production company L INKSTER

Credits Camera: Lawrie Inkster