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A fishing excursion in the Bay of Islands with 'Alma G' (the boat used by Zane Grey on his visit to NZ). A swordfish and mako shark are caught. Also footage of tiger shark and dolphins. Kahawai are used as bait.

Title: “DEEP SEA THRILLS. Swordfishing In New Zealand.”
49 ft “Do you remember, when you were about the age of these lads, the thrills you had when you went fishing?”
85 ft “What a banquet for the cat!”
99 ft “Preparing for a super thrill - - winding four hundred yards of line onto a swordfish reel.”
143 ft “Speedy launches slip out to sea from snug fishing bases along New Zealand’s northern coasts. In these waters abound not only giant king-fish but such larger prey as the leaping Mako Shark and the rushing swordfish.”
234 ft “It’s not often that one can reach the other side of an island by sailing straight through it, but we can do this at Piercy Island.”
269 ft “A living carpet of fish. No trouble to catch our bait from among these swarms of Kahawai.”
297 ft “A fighting Mako Shark is hooked and hurls his blue and white body right out of the water in his efforts to free himself.”
382 ft “Teasers” or bright spinners are trolled with the bait behind the boat, and delude the swordfish into thinking he sees a school of small prey.”
429 ft “The angler’s harness is so designed that the whole body takes the strain, leaving the arms free for controlling the rod.”
462 ft “Friendly porpoises play tag with our boat.” [They actually appear to be Common dolphins.]
507 ft “A swordfish snaps up the bait and races away with his catch, only to find that there’s a string to it.”
547 ft “The angler takes a firm grip of his rod, and proceeds to play the leaping monster on the end of the slender line.
564 ft “The swordfish slides his long body well up into the air and lashes madly from side to side, trying to shake that irritating little hook out of his bony mouth.”
716 ft “A final flurry on the surface, while the line is kept clear of his slashing sword.”
778 ft “Seabirds gather around the boat, and receive a share of the lunch.”
803 ft “Up goes the flag, a signal to nearby craft that our friends are “one up.”
831 ft “Our companion boat “takes it green” as we roll back to the calm waters from which we set out.”
893 ft “The Tiger Shark - - no less dangerous than his four-footed namesake of the jungle.”
952 ft “The fish are weighed by swordfish club officials and certificates are given, so that the angler can prove his fish stories when he goes home.”
1004 ft “Fish by the fathom! The results of a perfect day among the big game fishing grounds of New Zealand.”
1013 ft Picture fade out - New Zealand Film - logo.
1038 ft Last picture frame.

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Year 1934

Reference number F8181

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Short

Duration 0:11:08