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A scenic film on New Zealand’s Garden City featuring the beauty of the River Avon.

'The New Zealand Government Publicity Office presents 'The Beautiful Avon' waterway of Christchurch'.
'The willow-fringed Avon, winding and curving through Park and Garden, forms one of the greatest attractions of Christchurch, New Zealand's Garden City'. 'The home of an early pioneer stands beside the river's source'.
W.S. Old thatched cottage with couple sitting at door talking.
Dissolve to M.S. couple.
'In this artesian spring the Avon has its source'.
W.S. woman with child through willows.
W.S. River, ducks, woman & child walking & others.
W.S. River, willows, group walking on river bank.
'Through Willow-shaded bank and grassy meadow'.
W.S. river, willows, people.
'Wandering neath its bower of willows, this beautiful river lends enchantment to many a home.
Views of houses with gardens & boat sheds at river's edge.
'Whirling away the sunny hours beneath the willow's trailing fingers'.
Boat with 2 boys approach camera, depart other side.
'The daisy-spangled shores of leisure'.
M.S. 2 boys in boat at edge of river - boys wearing Christs College Uniform, boy rowing - junior, other is a senior.
'the flowing river near the confines of the city.'.
Views of river, boats, people on banks.
A feathered dweller of the shaded waterway'.
M.S. Swan.
'The Bridge of Memories'.
River with bridge in background (Bridge of Rememberance).
W.S. bridge.
'Where Captain Scott, Hero of the grim Antarctic, Keeps watch.
W.S. river, Scotts statue.
'Recording Avon's beauties with brush and pencil'.
W.S. 3 women artists.
Dissolve to M.S. backs of 2 women drawing.
FT. W.S. Canterbury Provincial Chamber (?).
'Sunlight and shadow in Victoria Square'.
View from colonnade of square.
'A gatherer of trifles by the riverside'.
W.S. man & dog on riverbank.
M.S. dog.
'The latticed towers of 37A.
W.S. river, buildings, towers in background.
'Through the heart of a busy city'.
'View of river, traffic.'
'And so it wanders on and on, neath arching bridge and graceful willow, towards the mother ocean.'
W.S. river and bridge.

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Year 1928

Reference number F9406

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:07:28

Production company New Zealand Government Publicity Office