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A low budget comedy thriller set in pre stock market crash Auckland of the 1980s. Sam is a toll operator eaves dropping on toll calls for light relief. When he chances upon a complex web of corruption and blackmail involving the proposed Auckland Harbour Tunnel Development, his life takes on new meaning. He is determined to expose the baddies and extricate the woman he fancies from the sordid network.

“Shot in 1988, there’s fun to be had spotting the changes in Auckland reeked upon by those same developers and big businesses the film has a good go at [...] Special mention must also go to Chris Knox for his music score that adds so much to the off-beat tone of the film. Riddiford, cast and crew have done very well to get such an ambitious screenplay on screen with the small budget they had. The overflow of ideas really makes Zilch! quite something. ” (“Edgy Zilch! flies high”, Auckland Star, 1 March, 1990.)

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Year 1990

Reference number F21591

Source Moving Image Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Feature

Duration 1:35:00

Production company Park Avenue Productions, Vardex Group

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Credits Director: Richard Riddiford Producer: Richard Riddiford Producer: Amanda Hocquard Director of Photography: Murray Milne Screenplay: Richard Riddiford Screenplay: Jonathan Dowling Editor: Chris Todd Music: Chris Knox Anna: Lucy Sheehan Assistant Director: John Kaiser Assistant Director: Baine Huggett Assistant Director: Dennis McDonald Curtis: John Watson Eric: Peter Tait Gary: Roy Billing Harbour Commissioner: William Bullock Melissa: Sylvia Rands Sam: Michael Mizrahi Tony: Edward Campbell;