sofia - the czar ferdinand proceeds to the house of parliament of bulgaria

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This film is possibly fragments of a PATHE GAZETTE newsreel.

Intertitle: “The Czar Ferdinand proceeds to the house of Parliament of Bulgaria.”
The Czar drives past assembled crowd in a carriage.
“... American men-of-war the Louisiana (flag ship), the [Kan]sas, the New Hampshire and the South Carolina just anchored in our harbour.”
The warships steaming into a harbour. Seamen disembarking from row boats.
“Yacht ‘Nanoya’ sailed and owned by T. Marshall, esq.”

Yacht sailing on Sydney Harbour.
“One of the Good Old Timers!”
“Rawhiti. Champion yacht of Sydney Harbour.”
“The Flagship Premier leaving Port MacQuarie with Vice-Commodore Crane to direct manoeuvres.”
“... boarding the Narrabeen Port Macquarie.”
“... leaving Port Macquarie.”

“The Terra Nova”
“The Nation mourns the loss of British Heroes.”
Panning shot of the Terra Nova, Captain Scott’s ship on return from the fatal attempt on the South Pole. Sailors disembarking the ship at Lyttelton.
“Terra Nova arriving at Lyttelton Feb 12th 1913.”
“Memorial service at CH-CH Cathedral Feb 13th.”
Mourners entering the Cathedral.

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Year 1913

Reference number F22342

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production UNITED KINGDOM

Genre Newsreel

Duration 0:03:46

Location information