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“The film tells the story of Brian Deeds - living a new life in New Zealand after turning ‘supergrass’ in his native Ireland some years before. His life is turned into turmoil when his estranged wife tells him that his cover has been blown and their young son murdered”. - (from Grasscutter press and publicity )

“There were lots of sub- plots or sub- themes underneath the top one of how does, or can, a man leave his past behind? An interesting one for New Zealand viewers was the constant attention brought to the differences between Northern Ireland and New Zealand [...] If the theme of New Zealand as a paradise was what attracted British viewers, New Zealand as a recognisably flawed place - especially in its inefficient bureaucracy - was part of the attraction for local viewers” - “Colleen Reilly, “Great lines but too little conviction”, Dominion Sunday Times, December 2, 1990)

The Grasscutter was released in New Zealand as a tele-feature and subsequently on VHS only.

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Year 1988

Reference number F22413

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Feature

Duration 1:50:00

Production company Finlayson Brewer Productions

Location information

Credits Jack Macready: Terence Cooper
Billy: Martin Maguire
Brian Deeds: Ian McElhinney
Hannah Carpenter: Judy McIntosh
Producer: Tom Finlayson
Associate Producer: Logan Brewer
Executive Producer: Ted Childs
Screenplay: Roy Mitchell
Director of Photography: Matt Bowkett
Director of Photography: Michael O'Connor
Editor: Patrick Monaghan
Production Designer: Robert Gillies
Music: Don McGlashan
Music: Wayne Laird
Director: Ian Mune