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“Papps Pictures Inc presents - We that are left: No. 84 Bomber Squadron. A fragment of their history”. “Photographed Colin E Papps. Written Flt Stuart-Harris”.
“Every historical fragment of every squadron goes to fashion that tapestry we call history. The work of every individual member is part of that same tapestry. All these actors lived and some died with the squadron. This is a tribute to the memory of those who died.”
“1917 Squadron formed at Beulieu England. 1917-1918 France. 1919-1939 IRAC [sic]. 1940-1941-1942. Greece Western Desert Singapore Sumatra Java, 1942 India”
Signs for “Quetta”, a town in the northern Indian mountains in modern day Pakistan. Union Jack. Airmen marching. The men walking through mountainous terrain. Climbing up rocky slopes.
Indian snake charmer. Close up of snake. Airman taking photos at market. Indian man in fake beard doing dance.
“The last parade - After six month’s (sic) training 84 squadron moves.”
Servicemen in pith hats marching and parading. Men dressed as women in flowery dresses acting up.
Steam train pulling out. View from train of Indian landscape. Arrival at Shikar Pur. Lunch. Views on train. Beggars at rail yards.
Indian Army military marching band.
“The squadron is re-equipped vengeance dive bombers.” Gomoh Junction. “Pilots arrive to collect their new aircraft”.
Airmen crossing bridge.
“In the forward area Assam”. Tents and camp. Bathing naked in river.
“Night and Day checks by ground crew”. Two men hand cranking the engine of a Vultee A-31 Vengeance as men sit on the wing singing.
The aircraft taxis and the gunner and pilot are filmed from the wing. Close up of the aircraft. General shots of aircrew.
“And now India lies behind. Ahead is Burma”.
“The Battle of Imphar Tiddim Kohema Kalemyo. Long Range penetration is in Support of Wingate”.
Machine gun practice. Firing motors. Sergeant yells “fire.”
Sign for Vizagapatam. Coolies preparing a runway with roller. Officers at airfield. Swimming at bathes. Men acting the fool. Relaxing in sun.

“Pilots awaiting briefing”. Sitting shirtless in the sun. “Briefing ‘midst Basha (?) Huts...” Men sharing cigarettes. One flips the bird at the camera. Card game. General scenes at camp as they relax.
“X for X-Ray. Papps’ own”.
“Target Through Briefing 5-30 A.M.” Men hunched over maps. Man looking through binoculars.
sign: “PR Plotting Sec-n”. Crew boarding Vengeance. Starting engine. Pilot given instructions in cockpit.
“U.S. Mustang Escort.” USAAF airman in cockpit of a P-51A Mustang. US Airmen. Squadron of Mustangs on tarmac, taxiing. The aircraft making low runs over field.
“Squadron takes off”. The Vengeances taking off.
“Hurricane Top Cover”. POV, Hawker Hurricanes flying alongside as escort as they fly through clouds.
“Target ahead”. Flying towards atoll.
“Target below”. Flying wingtip to wingtip with Vengeances.
“Peel off’. The aircraft bank.
“Return to base”. Aricraft coming into land.
“Sortie Complete”. The flyers alight their aircraft.
“1944 Unconditional surrender of Italy. 1945 Germany. ??? Japan.”
“84 Squadron fought for peace in New Zealand in Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations in the World.”
“The Honours Distinguished Flying Cross: Gill, Balckburn, Dicks, Hawk.”
“And the price ‘They shall not grow as we that are left grow old’”.
The grave of WO Wacher D.W. RNZAF age 23 years. Several other graves. Distant view of grave yard.
“They have not died in vain.”
Union Jack flying (COL)
“The End” (B&W)
“Photographed by Colin E Papps
Script by F/T C. Stuart-Harris

Note: Colin Papps was a Commander in the RAF during World War II. He served with 84 Squadron in India and later flew spitfires in Burma with 681 Squadron.

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Year 1942

Reference number F26539

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:42:00

Production company Papps Pictures

Credits Photography: Colin E Papps
Writer: F
Writer: L T Stuart-Harris

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