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0 ft Spectators watch as a group of veterans (one in the front row holds a football) march onto field in front of grandstand. Standing in single file they raise their hats to a three cheer salute; brief shot of two men playing around with football; man places ball down ready for kick off.
57 ft Referee leads two rugby teams onto field.
80 ft Speeches take place on dais; camera pans to show guests and crowds gathered for the occasion.
109 ft Military man at gate entrance; guests raise their hats during speeches.
123 ft Accompanied by a pianist and brass band the conductor keeps the choir and the guests in tune during service. Members of the crowd hold song sheets.
147 ft Mr JJ Mallard and Alfred Robin unfurl the flag covering the tablet. JJ Mallard unveils the tablet which reads, “In memory of Frederick Calvert, pupil of this School, 1873-1876, president Old Boys’ Society, 1917, and original member of the executive. Died September 22, 1922. Erected by fellow old boys.”
206 ft Hundreds of guests view the ‘Old Boys’ parade which is lead by cadets holding up year banners for the various groups of ‘Old Boys’ participating.
206 ft Cadets emerge from Memorial Arch onto street holding up banners which read ‘O.B.H.S. 1913 - 1023.’
351 ft ‘O.B.H.S. 1863 - 1872.’
412 ft ‘O.B.H.S. 1873 - 1882.’
443 ft ‘O.B.H.S. 1873 - 1882.’
488 ft ‘O.B.H.S. 1883 - 1892.’
522 ft ‘O.B.H.S. 1892 - 1902.’
548 ft ‘O.B.H.S. 1903 - 1912.’
579 ft ‘O.B.H.S. 1913 - 1923.’
580 ft The Mayor, accompanied by officials, leads the parade of guests into college grounds; cadets from a guard of honour.
841 ft NZ flag flutters in the breeze from the top of the flag pole.
648 ft Armed cadets march through entrance, followed by Bugle band and more cadets; the last man salutes.
706 ft Last picture frame.

On Friday 3rd August the Memorial Arch (designed by the Art Master, Mr. L.D. Coombs with the untiring work of Mr. ‘Teddy’ Webster) & 20 roll of honour brass tablets (containing the names of 1,200 old boys who served in the First World War) were received on behalf of the school by Mr Campbell (The rector, W.J. Morrell (MA. Oxon) was unable to be there due to influenza). The brass plates (5 on each side of two doorways, containing nearly 11,000 letters and probably the largest piece of brass work produced in the Dominion at the time) was unveiled by the first boy to be enrolled in 1863 (Mr. Colin MacAndrew) & the most recently enrolled boy in 1923 (Cdt. B.F. Duff).

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Year 1923

Reference number F28577

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Actuality

Duration 0:07:50

Credits Camera: Henry C Gore