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Flickering, disconcerting, images.

“I had to save all me money to pay for the clip. I joined forces with Alex Proyas, now a famous film director in Australia (eg. ‘I ,Robot ‘). I had just recorded the Luminous Trails LP at Groovex on Sydney and met Alex through Groove Myers, and he loved the Flicker track. We decided to go low brow, I paid 1500 to Alex for expenses using super 8mm and 16mm footage I had shot then superimposing me miming to the track with Alex's 16mm bolex. All the footage was edited using the in camera multi layered shots. I can't remember who edited it. But he did a great job cutting to the sounds and beats. As I recall, we hired an Ariflex and the thing jammed during the shoot, I thought we had insurance but that was not the case, and I had to pay another 1500 on that bill. I guess 3k was a cheap video. I was obsessed with the vampire concept at the time. I was living in a old squat in Pyrmont by the docks, very happy memories there. All my friends dropped in on the shoot, very impromptu and we superimposed them to look like a big crowd. Remember this was 1983 before the Goth scene hit but it was a perfect escapist idea that got my imagination going. I still love these abstract cinematic music styles. Luminous Trails was my first adventure into movie sounds. Flying Nun accepted the idea even though it was miles away from the scene in NZ at the time. I think Roger had to sell his car to pay for the advance of a thousand dollars on the LP luminous trails. That's passion for you. But it paid back in time." - Jed Town, Director, 2008.

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Year 1985

Reference number F32771

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Music video

Duration 00:03:12

Credits Director: Jed Town

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