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0:00:10 “The Magnitude Of The Freezing Industry Can Be Better Gauged When One Considers The Amount Of Money And Labour Involved.”
0:00:15 “Commencing With The Initial Production And Transport To The Freezing Works ---”
0:00:19 “It entails Treatment Of Carcases And By-Products, Railing And Shipping To The Home Markets And, Finally, The Marketing, Through The Various Channels, to Achieve The Best Results.”
0:00:26 “The first shipment Of Frozen Meat Was Made From Bluff By The Sailing Vessel ‘Opawa’ Early In 1883.”
0:00:30 At That Time Southland Frozen Meat Co. Had Small Yards Only At West Plains. 1d Per Sheep Was Charged For Use Of Yards. The Shippers Arranging Their Own Killing.”
0:00:37 “The Procedure In Those Days Was To Rail Meat Direct To The Freezing Ship.”
0:00:40 “The First Refrigerator In Southland Was Established In Bluff Works In 1886.”
0:00:45 “The Head Office Situated In The Heart Of Invercargill, The Capital Of Southland.”
0:01:13 “Mr. A. DERBIE, General Manager.”
0:01:37 “A Large And Efficient Clerical Staff Is Always Maintained.”
0:02:12 “The Works Are Situated At Makarewa.”
0:03:08 “And At Mataura. Eastern Southland.”
0:03:33 “Rushing Water Of The Mataura River Drives The Turbines In The Generating Of Electricity In These Works.”
0:04:00 “Typical southland Farms Where These Lambs Are Raised.”
0:04:19 “The Lambs Are Conveyed To The Works By Motor Transport...”
0:04:29 “Railway...”
0:04:51 “... And Sometimes By Road.”
0:05:06 “Off To The Sheep Station.”
0:05:28 “Well-Trained Sheep dogs Assist In The Yarding.”
0:05:41 “Arrival At The Works.”
0:05:54 “Note The Leader Sheep Known As The Decoy.”
0:06:03 “Slaughtermen At Work.”
0:06:36 “Note Cleanliness In Dressing.”
0:06:49 “Every Carcase Is Handled And Inspected By Government Officials.”
0:07:01 “Final touches In Dressing.”
0:07:10 “The Automatic Weighing Machine Shows At A Glance The Net Weight Of The Carcase And The Grader There And Then Determines The Quality And Tickets It Accordingly.”
0:07:22 “From The Hot Weight 41/2% Is Automatically Deducted For Loss During Cooling And Freezing, In Accordance With The Custom Of The Trade.”
0:07:28 “Every Joint Is Stamped “Produce Of New Zealand.” In Compliance, With The (Home) British Government
0:07:35 “In The Cooling Room, The Carcases Are Covered with Stockinette Bags.”
0:07:50 “Running Into Freezing Chambers.”
0:08”13 “Chamberhands Protect Their Feet From Cold.”
0:08:18 “After The Carcases Are Frozen Hard, They Are Stacked In The Freezing Store, Awaiting Shipment.”
0:08:24 “The Refrigerating Plant Which Ensures Correct Temperature At All Times.”
0:08:46 “Carcases Are Shipped to Port In Insulated Vans.”
0:09:06 “Arrival At Bluff, Southland’s Port Of Shipment.”
0:09:41 “Loading Slings.”
0:09:49 “Into The Hold.”
0:10:12 “Away to London.”
0:10:19 Ends.

0:10:33 “The Skins Are Conveyed From Slaughter-House To Fellmongery By Water-Chute.”
0:10:46 “Here They Are Cleaned, Trimmed And Treated With Sodium. Then Stacked For Twenty-Four Hours”
0:10:56 “The Pullers At Work.”
0:11:29 “The Hides Are Sent Down The Chutes To Be Treated And Packed For Export.”
0:11:51 “The Wool Is Washed In A Series Of Agitators --”
0:12:03 “-- Then Dried By Centrifugal Force.”
0:12:16 “It Is Then Passed Through Electrically Heated Driers --”
0:12:33 “-- Classed --”
0:12:43 “-- Then Baled.”
0:13:18 “Casings Are Cleaned.”
0:13:39 “Careful Grading ensures Perfect Products.”
0:13:59 “Casings Are Then Put In Hanks And Packed In Salt.”
0:14:18 “Classing Tongues.”
0:14:33 “-- And Sweetbreads.”
0:14:46 “Lamb’s Livers Are Carefully Inspected Before Being Packed In Sealed Tins.”
0:15:28 “The Tallow Is Extracted From Waste Products By Dry Rendering Process.”
0:16:52 “By-Products Include Liver Meal, Meat Meal.”
0:16:16 “The Cooperage Where Casks Are Manufactured From Southland Crown Timber.”
0:16:56 “The Grozing Machine Cuts The Inside Flange And The Top Of The Cask.”
0:17:14 “At The Mataura Works, The Stockinette Bags Are Cut, Stamped And Sewn For The Entire Output Of Lambs.”
0:18:05 “Modern Fire Fighting Equipment Is Also Installed At The Works.”
0:18:15 “Morris” Cars And Trucks Are Used Extensively At These Works.”
0:18:48 “The Comfortable And Speedy Omnibuses Which Convey The Farmer To Invercargill The Thriving And Prosperous City Of The South.”
0:19:34 “Southland Can Claim To Play An Important Part In An Industry That Is Essential To The Welfare Of The People And The Dominion.”
0:19:49 Ends.

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Year 1939

Reference number F36249

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Short

Duration 0:19:49

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