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Title ‘Pathe Gazette’. Showing all the best and latest pictures. 743’.

Cars and horse and carts pull up and drop people off at front gate of Wanganui Racecourse. People line up at entranceway. Women are dressed in their finery including large hats and long dresses. Some carry parasols. At sign outlining the admission charges hangs on the small building on left. View of race goers entering racecourse through ticket gates, where an attendant checks their tickets.

Crowds throng in grounds at side of stadium. Pan across stadium and crowds. Intertitle ‘The Saddling Paddock. The Lawn. Wanganui Garrison Band’. Views of crowds [in saddling paddock]. Horses are ridden through crowds into gates. Horses racing in the Spring Hurdles race around racecourse. Young man holds black horse, then man holds horse, in front of crowd and fences. Crowds at racecourse, fountain in right foreground. Horses race down field, crowds move back off fence as horses race past. Man holds horse in front of fence.

Intertitle ‘Returning to Scale’. Jockeys ride horses through gates. View of [finishing line]. Jockeys ride horses through gates off racecourse, two policeman walk in front of them. Man holds black horse [Reumac]. Intertitle ‘Spring Hurdles won by ‘Reumac’. Man holds horse Reumac.

End title ‘Pathe Distributors’.

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Year 1910

Reference number F38481

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Actuality

Duration 0:05:30

Production company Dominion (NZ) Film

Credits Cameraman: Charles Frederick Newham