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TV2 International Laugh Festival special.
Wellington buskers. Dempsey sings a song.

Cuba Mall. Phone callers. Skit - Dempsey’s Journeys - Athletic Park.

Studio Guest: John Stubbs, Comedian. Skit - horses. Studio Guest: Caroline Ross, Comedian. Audience participation.

Phone callers. Comedy review with Nigel. Gig Guide. studio song: The Flight of the Concords.

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Year 2000

Reference number F48200

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 1:00:00

Production company CHANNEL 7

Credits Studio Director: Stefan Lowe
Studio Director: Amanda Hanan
Studio Director: Demdsey Woodley
Executive Producer: Jim Cross
Floor Manager: Jeremy Nelson
Location Director: Amanda Hanan
Location Director: Demdsey Woodley
Studio Cameras: Casey Smith
Studio Cameras: Ame Tarr
Studio Cameras: Raoul Asare
Studio Cameras: Fraser Hoff
Studio Cameras: Stefan Lowe
Location Cameras: Nigel Thornicroft
Location Cameras: Stefan Lowe
Location Cameras: Thomas McCinty
Location Cameras: Mark Hutchings
Editing: Demdsey Woodley
Editing: Mark Hutchings
Editing: Thomas McCinty
Presenter: Amanda Hanan
Presenter: Demdsey Woodley
Set Design: Ataira Te Aonui
Writers: Amanda Hanan
Writers: Demdsey Woodley
Writers: Fraser Hoff