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Titles: "New Zealand 1962 - 65", "Fun in the sun" and "Happy dates down under". Man sitting outside eating chocolates from chocolate box. Title: "Auckland - where we work - viewed from one of the many extinct volcanoes"; Views from [Mt Eden].
Title: "Let's take a look into the crater"; camera down into crater and up again.
Title: "...and this is where we live...". View of house and garden. Title: "... but this film is mainly about where we play". Man and woman with small yacht.
Title: "Michael's first boat...". Man and boy setting up sail of small yacht. Boy doing up PVC jacket and launching yacht. Boy and girl standing on beach.
Title: "Meanwhile John was making a canoe"; shots of man painting the framework of a canoe.
Title: "Christmas holidays and we go touring". Family setting up campsite.
Title: "Then we camped at a thermal area, where our hot bath ran straight out of the ground". Children playing on flutter board in thermal swimming pool. Woman breaking eggs into bowl at outdoor table. Man cooking on camp stove. Family eating at outdoor table.
Title: "Further on lovely Lake Waikaremoana". Views of Lake; family on motor boat.
Title: "Mid-summer and jerseys - but this lake is over 2000 feet above sea-level". Shots of family members on boat - all wearing jerseys.
Title: "Then we camped on a beach near Gisborne for two glorious weeks". Views of broad sandy beach and family at campsite. boys on the beach and in the surf with flutter boards. Girl on Lilo in the surf. Family horse riding. Woman cooking sausages and eggs on camp stove; shot of family members at camp site. Shots of boy flying kite.
Title: "But the time came to journey home to Auckland again". road side scenic views. Car at the side of the road; close shot of children making faces for the camera out of car windows.
Title: "Some of the lake en route were over full !". Flood waters claiming lower part of rural building.
Title: "John could now finish his canoe: ". boy working on shin of canoe. Canoe being loaded onto trailer.
Title: "It was Race Day when he launched the canoe". Views of small yachts on beach; boys launching canoe. Boy rowing canoe; family watching from the beach.
Title: "Morag was not content just to watch !"; girl paddling canoe.
Title: "But before long were off again, this time to Bay of Islands and historic Waitangi". Family members looking at scenic view and view from car. Family walking up hill from camping area; looking out at coastal views. Shots of family walking around on the verandahs of the Treaty House. Shot of plaque commemorating the signing of The Treaty of Waitangi. Girl walking alongside large waka housed building with open sides.
Titles: "Another (business trip) is fun - to Great barrier Island, 60 miles from Auckland", "On one occasion Dorothy came with me". Views of seaplane pontoon through window and aerial views of islands.
Title: "The valley is narrow, and landing is quite exciting"; view of landing from on board plane.
Title: "The local postmaster always meets the plane"; shot of man. Shot of "Tourist Air Travel LTD" plane coming out of the water and passing close to the camera. woman walking up dirt road and views over bay. Group of people sitting on bench beneath "Welcome" sign; sea plane arriving.
Title: "As we were leaving my Dental Nurse & the Public health Nurse came to say goodbye...". Shots of two women.
Title: "... and have a joke with the pilot:"; two women talking to man who is laughing. Passengers boarding float plane. Title: "The following summer we visited the Far North of New Zealand..."; family walking on hill overlooking bay.
Title: "... and found a wonderful isolated beach". Shot of family members in the surf.
Title: "We camped on the hillside above the beach". Shots of campsite.
Title: "Christmas Day"; family celebrating Christmas at campsite, unwrapping presents etc.
Title: "Our neighbours were a Maori farmer and his family. Morag soon made friends with Sarah". Children on the beach; two girls riding a horse.
Title: "But the younger children were a little shy at first". Group of children. Man paddling canoe.
Title: "Pohutukawa, the New Zealand Christmas Tree'; pohutukawa in flower.
title: "When Linda and Morag came back from exploring, they told us about the exciting pool they'd found". Natural rock pools.
Title: "Back to Auckland. for the biggest one day sailing regatta in the World". Shots of yachts.
Title: "Twins joined our family in 1964...". Shots of two Ford [Prefect] cars.
Title: "... and we worked them hard"; car towing trailer.
Title: 'About this time we "discovered" Cook's Beach'. Shots of family climbing hill from the beach.
Titles: "From the top of this bluff you can see lovely Lonely Bay on one side..."; bay. "... and Cook's Beach on the other"; beach. "We fell in love with this beach, and bought a little bit of land at the far end. Come and see...". Family members walking along beach and looking at undeveloped land.
Title: "December... Morag is 9"; outdoor shots of girl's birthday party.
Title: 'The new "Heron" had to be finished and launched before Christmas';shots of P Class yacht.
Title: "... and then up to Cook's Beach to set up our summer camp". Shots of family with tents.
Title: "Only a few yards from the sea, but all the fresh water you could wish for 19 feet down !". Shots of rig drilling water bore.
Title: "A big motor to drive a little pump"; motor, pump and water going into bowl.
Title: "We were joined by Dorothy's cousins"; shots of extended family.
Title: "All mod cons !"; man washing his hair in a bucket. Shot of three boats on beach.
Title: 'We called them "Pinta", "Nina", and "Santa Maria" '; shots of individual P Class yachts.
Title: "The favourite way to go shopping !"; people getting into P Class yacht and sailing off - coming ashore.
Title: "The road to another beach is lined with hydrangeas, planted by the local milkman"; shots of roadside hydrangeas. People at the beach; girl exploring among rocks.
Title: "We usually fish with rods, but this was a change". Family fishing from the beach with a net.
Title: "Next day we tried the river instead..."; fishing in river.
Titles: "... and so farewell from John"; man., "Michael"; boy., "Linda"; girl., "Morag; girl., "Mum"; woman [Probably Dorothy Silvester]., "and Me"; man [Probably David Silvester]. "The End".

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Year 1965

Reference number F49188

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:34:40

Credits Photography: David Silvester

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