Director Amanda Millar

Producer Amanda Millar

Editor Lala Rolls

Sound Naia Alkhouri, Michel Alkhouri

With Celia Lashlie, Savatore ‘Salvi’ Gargiulo, Gabe Quirke, Rebekah Henderson, Heather Main, Adele Bull

Cinematography Belinda Walshe, David Paul

Fresh from the NZIFF we are delighted to present "Celia" in our month-long programme of female-led films selected to celebrate Suffrage 125.

“Celia Lashlie, an impassioned, charismatic advocate for equality of opportunity in New Zealand, is mourned and celebrated in this documentary written, directed and produced by former TV current affairs journalist Amanda Millar. Millar was responsible for several 60 Minutes items that enabled Lashlie, frequently at odds with bureaucracy, to put her case to the nation. When Lashlie received a terminal cancer diagnosis in late 2014, she invited Millar to film the final year of her life. The end came much sooner than expected, but Lashlie’s final participation at the domestic violence camp she helped found, and an intensely moving interview filmed days before she died, provide the heart of this inspiring portrait.” — NZIFF, 2018

“It was Celia’s vision that agencies and the government would one day recognise that the power lies with mothers in saving lives and improving the outcomes of our families, and our country’s future. Now that Celia has left us, it doesn’t mean her dream won’t come true.” — Amanda Millar

“In a better world than this, Celia the film would not yet exist. Celia Lashlie should still be doing her ground-breaking, revolutionary, compassionate and globally significant work, ... "Celia" should be compulsory viewing for anyone who works in education, social services, incarceration or corrections in New Zealand. It is also an undeniably engrossing, entertaining and often surprisingly funny watch. Bravo.”Graeme Tuckett

Q&A with Amanda Millar

On Wednesday 26 September, the Director of Celia, Amanda Millar will attend the screening of Celia at 7pm, and will take part in a question and answer session with the audience afterwards.