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Episodes 5 & 6 - Children of the Dog Star

Children of the Dog Star

Director Chris Bailey

Screenplay Ken Catran

With Sarah Dunn, Jason Wallace, Hamish Bartle, Roy Billing and Susan Wilson

In this six-episode television programme for children, produced in New Zealand in 1984, strange things start to happen shortly after twelve-year-old Gretchen comes to stay on her uncle's farm for the holidays. Gretchen befriends Ronny, a Māori boy with a troubled city past, and Bevis the bird watching son of a loathed developer. Tension is already high as the developer wants to buy and drain a local swamp for a housing estate, but Ronny's uncle is the guardian of a traditional Māori tapu upon the swamp. The swamp must not be touched—something sleeps there that must not be awakened. Something unnatural.

Episode Five: Kolob

Gretchen brings Ronny and Bevis back to the bunker and introduces them to Kolob — a space probe from Sirius B. The probe (one of three sent to Earth) shows its path to Earth and how it crashed into the swamp after being damaged in a meteor storm. Gretchen tries to get Kolob to stop draining power from the surrounding area. When the kids emerge from the bunker, they discover everyone in town is frozen in time.

Episode Six: Alien Contact

Kolob is disconnected restoring the people in the town to normal but the kids' efforts to destroy Kolob brings a message from the aliens themselves.

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