Georgie Girl

Geprgie Girl

Director Annie Goldson, Peter Wells

Producer Annie Goldson

With Georgina Beyer

The colourful and courageous life story of Georgina Beyer, who overcame adversity, marginalisation and discrimination to become the first transgendered person in the world to be elected to national office.

Born George, Georgina was raised on a farm by a stern grandfather who taught her to fish and shoot. In her late teens she discovers the LBGT scene in 70s and 80s Wellington where she was mentored by the remarkable, Carmen Rupe. Georgina became for a time, a sex-worker and drug-user. Following the unusual step of leaving the city, she was taken into the heart of a small (conservative) rural town, elected first as a local councillor and then as mayor of Carterton. Finally, in 1999, she became a Member of Parliament, elected into national office under the Labour Government headed by Helen Clark. Georgina never forgot her past however and worked hard as an elected official to introduce progressive legislation – including the Prostitution Reform Act, which stopped the criminalisation of sex-workers.

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