Gloss – Episode Two

Gloss Episode Two

Director Chris Bailey

Producer Janice Finn

Screenplay Rosemary McLeod

With With: Chelsea (Lisa Chappell), Bradley (Michael Morrissey), Olivia (Yvonne Lawley), Alistair (Simon Prast), Magda (Kerry Smith), Gemma (Miranda Harcourt), Caroline (Donna Clark)

Get your shoulder pads on and head in for episode two of 1980s soap sensation, Gloss.

In episode one we were introduced to the Redferns: Matriarch Olivia, prodigal son Brad, evil brother Rex, Brad’s ex-wife Maxine and their wayward offspring, Alistair and Chelsea. By the end of the episode things were starting to unravel.

Tonight in episode two – what will Maxine do? Brad and Caro’s marriage has got off to a less than certain beginning, Gemma’s first assignment turns out to be more than she bargained for and Chelsea is proving to be quite a handful…

“To those of us of a certain age, those lyrics (sung by the late songstress Beaver), will forever be associated with a brief yet glorious time in local television. Made by TVNZ, Gloss ran for three seasons between 1987 and 1990, injecting a weekly high-voltage shot of bitchiness and glam into the living rooms of the nation. The show as New Zealand’s answer to US soap Dynasty, with the Carrington oil scions replaced by the wealthy Redferns and their Auckland magazine empire. The series epitomized 80s excess, with plenty of giant hair, giant shoulder-pads, and giant egos on display.” — NZ Herald, “Weekend Rewind: Gloss 30 Years On”, 12 August, 2017

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