Hibiscus & Ruthless

Hibiscus and Ruthless

Director S.Q.S. Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa

Producer Dinah Vaiaoga-Ioasa

With Anna-Maree Thomas, Suivai Pilisipi Autagavaia

From the writer of Three Wise Cousins which screened at Siapo Cinema: Oceania Film Festival in 2016, Director SQS' (Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa), next instalment in 2018 is 'Hibiscus & Ruthless', a female-led comedy about friendship, loyalty, and love. Hibiscus’ mother reminds her daughter to promise her “no going out and no boyfriends” while Hibiscus completes her final year at university. However, Hibiscus asks her childhood friend, Ruth (a.k.a Ruthless) to help her focus. Vaiaoga-Ioasa once again is taking Samoan stories to the world with his latest film.