Director Gerard Johnstone

Producer Luke Sharpe

Screenplay Gerard Johnstone

With Morgana O’Reilly (Kylie), Rima Te Wiata (Miriam), Glen-Paul Waru (Amos), Cameron Rhodes (Dennis), Millen Baird (Officer Grayson), Ross Harper (Graeme)

A film that mixes gothic horror with domestic comedy, wayward teen and would-be thief Kylie Bucknell is sent under house-arrest to live in the home she grew up in, under the custody of her estranged mother, Miriam (Rima Te Wiata). There she encounters a supernatural presence even more terrifying than her superstitious blabbermouth mother.

Bill Gosden of the NZ International Film Festival called this film “Funny, suspenseful and freighted with fright bombs, Housebound could easily be the most energising fun you’ve ever had at a New Zealand movie. It’s a sensational debut for writer/director/editor Gerard Johnstone (The Jacquie Brown Diaries). A beat ahead of the savviest audience, he steers his film through variations of gothic horror and domestic comedy with the assurance of a genre-morphing native."