Ihi FrENZy

Ihi Frenzy

In 2001 the Royal New Zealand Ballet combined with then national kapa haka champions Te Mātārae i Ōrehu to produce Ihi FrENZy, a ground-breaking performing arts show that sparked several documentaries and is still talked about today. Add to the mix music by Split Enz and you've got a showcase for the best of New Zealand's artistic treasures.

We are delighted to present a double-bill of two of the Ihi FrENZy documentaries:

Ihi FrENZy (Documentary 1, 2001)

Ihi Frenzy, 2001, 48mins
Williams Productions

A behind the scenes, to the rehearsal spaces to talk with the choreographers, the dancers, the kapa members, the designers, the costumers and others involved in bringing Ihi FrENZy to the stage.

Ihi FrENZy (Documentary 2, 2007)

Ihi Frenzy, 2007, 47mins
Kiwi Production

In English and Māori (without subtitles) Made for the series "New Zealand Documentary" and first shown on Māori TV in July 2007, this documentary explores the production of Ihi FrENZy.

Director: Libby Hakaraia
Producer: Rhonda Kite
Narrator: Te Rangihau Gilbert