Illustrious Energy

Illustrious Energy

Director Leon Narbey

Producer Don Reynolds, Chris Hampson

Screenplay Martin Edmond, Leon Narbey

With Shaun Bao (Chan), Harry Ip (Kim), Peter Chin (Wong), Geeling (Li)

Cinematography Alan Locke

The year is 1895, and the goldrush which once filled the desolate valleys of Central Otago with hordes of miners has been over for thirty years. But two Chinese remain: Chan and his father-in-law Kim. Too poor to return home, they eke out a desperate existence, picking over abandoned claims in the hope of finding an overlooked pocket of alluvial gold. Each nurtures a secret desire. For Kim, exhausted after twenty-seven years on the New Zealand gold-fields, it is the simple wish to return to China before he dies. But Chan, watching the European surveyors meticulously mapping the countryside around them, has more ambitious plans. Each dreams of striking gold – but when the strike comes, it brings tragedy and despair in its wake.