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Kaleidoscope: The Case of Katherine Mansfield

The Case of Katherine Mansfield

With Presented by Angela D'Audney, Performed by Cathy Downes

Cathy Downes performs excerpts from her play The Case of Katherine Mansfield where she incorporated, with dramatic skill, the writer’s letters, diaries and short stories into a finely achieved monologue. The puzzle of Katherine Mansfield’s character seems truly revealed through these moments of her ‘very typically false life’.

The play was devised by Cathy Downes in London and premiered in Holland in 1978 with Downes in the role. It then went to the Edinburgh Festival. After that Downes brought it home as part of an Australasian tour in 1980. It was revived for the centenary of Katherine Mansfield’s birth in 1988 and has been staged a number of times since.

This is a KM130 Screening:

KM130 is a Wellington city-wide programme of events, exhibitions and performances, celebrating Katherine Mansfield's 130th birthday.

KM130 is proudly brought to you by the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Katherine Mansfield House & Garden, Circa Theatre, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, and the Alexander Turnbull Library.

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