Mt Zion

Mt Zion

Director Tearepa Kahi

Producer Quinton Hita

With Stan Walker, Temuera Morrison, Miriama Smith, Troy Kingi, David Wikaira-Paul, Darcey-Ray Flavell-Hudson

This is a family saga, a get-ahead-in-showbiz story, a late 70s time capsule and a musical tribute to Bob Marley, all with the star-power of Stan Walker, Temuera Morrison and Miriama Smith.

“...First-time feature director Tearepa Kahi serves it all up with obvious love, a quietly watchful pace and a sunbaked visual style. The result is a smart, finely-observed, heartfelt drama of good humour and decent tunes against an authentic local setting... Marley sure makes his presence felt and helps make this rough diamond of a film shine through its flaws. One that is sure to strike a chord with many. Especially those who know the ones to Redemption Song or One Love.” — NZ Herald, 6/2/2013