Never Say Die

Never Say Die

Director Geoff Murphy

Producer Murray Newey, Geoff Murphy

Screenplay Geoff Murphy, Ian Mune

With Temuera Morrison (Alf Winters), Tony Barry (Inspector Evans), Geoff Murphy (Jack), Lisa Eilbacher (Melissa Jones), George Wendt (Mr Written)

Geoff Murphy re-applies his Goodbye Pork Pie formula for this good-natured action yarn which posits Temuera Morrison as an unwitting fugitive from unidentified pursuers.

When investigative journalist Alf Winters (Temuera Morrison in his first big screen starring role) and his beautiful girlfriend Melissa Jones (Lisa Elibacher of Beverly Hills Cop fame) return home to New Zealand, they narrowly escape death when their home is blown up.

Clearly, Alf has stumbled across a secret that somebody wants to keep hidden – but what? Unable to convince Evans (Tony Barry of Goodbye Pork Pie fame), the local tough cop, that someone is really out to kill them, Alf and Melissa are forced to solve the mystery themselves.