Pacific Dance On Screen

Pacific Dance

“Pacific Dance on Screen is a partnership project between Pacific Dance New Zealand and Pollywood Pasifika Film. The eclectic mix of short dance films premiered with the Pacific Dance Festival, June 2018 at the Auckland Art Gallery. The audience were engaged and intrigued by this new territory of short film and requests for an encore screening ensued. Pacific Dance encompasses drama, music and dance elements with the core focus being on the language of Dance. As a new initiative the objective was to showcase the many forms of dance available from cultures here in NZ and abroad. Taking pride in the diversity of all Pacific cultures living in NZ and around the Pacific with the hope of more dance films to be realized. We wish to acknowledge all the film makers and choreographers who have agreed to have their work as part of the programme.” — Iosefa Enari, Director – Pacific Dance New Zealand and Craig Fasi, Director – Pollywood Pasifika Film

The Dancer’s Shadow, Kristina Simons & Nina Tapu, 2005
Sina, a young half-Samoan, half-Pākehā girl is split between her parents very different expectations of her, and her love of dance.

Te Okianga O Te Vaerua, Itiri Ngaro, 2007
The sound of a drum beat echoes across a calm sea. The waters ripple as a chant can be heard through the wind. It is a call to the Vaerua searching for its path as it longs to return home.

Temptation, Maria Vai, 2017
The temptation of Eve, the divine fruit, the serpent who persuades her to give in to her desire; the well known story from Genesis in the Bible is depicted in this dance tribute.

Mou Piri: a Rarotongan Love Song, Karin Williams, 2013
The story of the tune that has become synonymous with Rarotonga and romance. "Mou Piri" is the quintessential Rarotongan wedding song and has been performed from Auckland to London, thanks to home videos of dancers posted on YouTube. This short documentary traces the story of the song that has captured imaginations around the world and showcases the spectacular scenery of Rarotonga in an evocative music video set in a bygone era.

Silence – Shifting the Maiden, Julia M. Gray, 2017
From a series of films created by Julia Mage’au Gray as she explored the idea of ‘shifting the maiden’ from beach paradise to suburban East Auckland, bringing out representations of the lives of women from the area.

Dance Apocalyptic by @JanelleMonae, Parris Goebel, 2014
Breaking out to apocalyptic tunes by Janelle Monae, Parris Goebel brings her multi-talented stylistic treatment of the song to the fore.

Tama, Jared Flitcroft & Jack O’Donnell, 2017 (PG-Coarse language)
A unique collaboration between deaf and hearing film makers. Tama is a young Māori boy who is deaf and who wants to perform the haka. On a near-fatal car trip, Tama has to confront his family. In his struggle, he begins to grown from an undervalued youth into a proud young man.

Hine-Ahu-One, Merenia Gray, 2014
This is a depiction of the story of the first woman in Māori mythology, ‘Hine-Ahu-One.’

We goin’ Downtown – (Downtown Macklemore), Samson Rambo, 2015
Macklemore’s "Downtown" plays while the dance crew feels the groove. This dance video is for the pure fun of it.