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Percy the Policeman and Tank Busters

Percy the Policeman

Director Geoff Murphy

A collection of comedic productions from the mid-seventies by Geoff Murphy and the Acme Sausage Co.


Five 6-minute episodes of a children's television programme produced for NZBC in 1974. The shows were never actually broadcast as they were deemed to show the police force in a bad light.

Percy, the good-natured but bumbling policeman, attempts to solve crimes in a variety of slapstick episodes evoking memories of the silent era and The Keystone Cops.

Filmed on location around Wellington, including Kilbirnie and the Pacific Films Production house and backyard. Written and directed by Geoff Murphy.

Credits - 
Director: Geoff Murphy
Producer: John O'Shea
Camera: Alun Bollinger
Writer: Geoff Murphy
Sound: Don Reynolds
Music: Dave Fraser
Music: Blerta
Cast: Bill Stalker, Bruno Lawrence


Using the skills of their subjects, five university students plan to rob a safe. Inadvertently they foil each other’s plans and all get caught... except Bruno who takes a psychological approach!

Credits -
Director: Geoff Murphy
Producer: The Acme Sausage Co
Photography: The Acme Sausage Co
Editor: Simon Reece
Music: The Underdogs, John Charles and Acme Sausage Co