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Peter Peryer. Portrait of a Photographer

Peter Peryer

Director Greg Stitt

Producer Trevor Haysom

Cinematography Leon Narbey

In collaboration with the Auckland Festival of Photography, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision presents a documentary profile of Peter Peryer. The film discusses Peryer’s then current project in which he attempts to get a portrait of a bull, and his new work with Meccano.

Peryer describes his work as autobiographical: “My photographs are self-portraits. The photographs are somehow related to my past. I don’t know why or how.” Peryer shows us the process involved in taking photographs – from their initial conception to sorting through the proofs. He also talks about the evolution of his work from moody and angst-ridden in the 1970s to clinical and constructivist in the 1980s.

Screening on TV – Freeview CH200.

There will also be a physical screening at the Ellen Melville Centre – 2pm on Mon 1 June
LIMITED NUMBERS – 10 people or fewer can occupy a single room. Physical distancing rules apply and a contactless check-in process will be in place. 
Ellen Melville Centre, Freyberg Pl, corner High St and Freyberg Pl