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Peter Peryer. Portrait of a Photographer

Peter Peryer

Director Gregg Stitt

Producer Trevor Haysom

Cinematography Leon Narbey

A documentary profile of New Zealand photographer Peter Peryer. The film discusses Peryer’s then current project in which he attempts to get a portrait of a bull, and his new work with Macano.

Peter Peryer’s photographs are autobiographical. “My photographs are self portraits. The photographs are somehow related to my past. I don’t know why or how.” Some of them, like the series on his wife Erika Parkinson, are intense and personal, and others reflect his life less directly: the animals from his rural childhood, the religious iconography from his Catholic upbringing. Peryer shows us the process involved in taking photographs, from their initial conception to sorting through the proofs. He also talks about the evolution of his work from moody and angst-ridden in the 1970s to clinical and constructivist in the 1980s.

Settle in for a weekend binge-fest of films by or about some of the best photographers in New Zealand’s history, brought to you by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision in collaboration with Photival Festival and Te Auaha.