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Sense of Place. Robin Morrison Photographer

Image of Robin Morrison Photographer

Director John Bates

Producer Caterina DeNave

Cinematography Stuart Dryburgh

In collaboration with the Auckland Festival of Photography, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision presents this fascinating insight into the life and work of New Zealand photographer Robin Morrison. Part biography, part road movie, part slideshow – this film takes you into the world of the photographer to reveal the essence of his relationships with his subjects.

Morrison talks about the inspiration for his book South Island from the Road. A self-proclaimed ‘photographer of New Zealand characters’, Morrison was one of New Zealand’s most outstanding photographers for more than two decades.

Screening on TV – Freeview CH200.

There will also be a physical screening at the Ellen Melville Centre – 12pm noon on Thu 28 May.
LIMITED NUMBERS – 10 people or fewer can occupy a single room. Physical distancing rules apply and a contactless check-in process will be in place.
Ellen Melville Centre, Freyberg Pl, corner High St and Freyberg Pl