Director Welby Ings

Producer Robin Murphy

With Merrick Rillstone, Matthew Arbuckle, Paul Glover, Tama Jarman, Tammy Lee, Geoff Houtman, Arthur Ranford

Cinematography Grant McKinnon

Filmmaker, educator, visual artist and author, Welby Ings will introduce and screen his latest short film, Sparrow, to New Zealand audiences after screenings in film festivals in the US, Europe and Canada. Sparrow is the beautiful story of a small boy who is teased because he thinks he can fly. When a family myth about his war veteran grandfather is exploded, he discovers the strength to stand up to the school bullies in a very unusual way.

Welby will talk about his journey as a filmmaker, and his exploration of the outsider experience of being gay in New Zealand. He’ll also talk about how his short films are leading him towards his debut feature film, PUNCH, and the importance of telling this story. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with Welby Ings and Sparrow producer Robin Murphy.