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The Passion of Music - Steel City Strings

Passion of Music

Director Tony Williams

Producer Tony Williams

With Steel City Strings

Acclaimed filmmaker Tony Williams draws us into the heart of an exceptionally talented not for profit community chamber orchestra, and reveals the stories of the people behind the music. Williams captures the interaction between the players and explores the structure of the orchestra.

The film examines the important role of the orchestra in the rural community, providing music to an audience that has less access to orchestras than city people. Steel City Strings also provides opportunities for up and coming young soloists to perform with an orchestra. Many members of the orchestra are music teachers, and the film reveals the value of music in education, particularly for young children. We learn that primary school children who play an instrument will have neurological benefits which will help them in all aspects of education. Parts of the brain are accessed by music, that are not affected by other forms of learning. By being part of an orchestra, we see children also learn discipline and social interaction.

The players in Steel City Strings are united by their passion for music, their dedication and their energy. Their music resonates throughout the community. This film is an uplifting experience celebrating the joy of music.

View the trailer here.