The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth

Director Geoff Murphy

Production Co Cinepro/Pillsbury Films

Producer Sam Pillsbury, Don Reynolds

Screenplay Sam Pillsbury, Bill Baer, Bruno Lawrence

With Bruno Lawrence (Zac Hobson), Alison Routledge (Joanne), Pete Smith (Api)

Cinematography Photography - James Bartle and Special effects - Ken Durey

In Geoff Murphy’s cult sci-fi feature a global energy project has malfunctioned and scientist Zac Hobson (Bruno Lawrence) awakes to find himself the only living being left on earth.

The global top-secret energy project (Operation Flashlight), which he has been working on for a year, has changed the world.

The opening and dying scenes in "The Quiet Earth" are breathtaking. Using light (and its absence), wide angle lenses, carefully manipulated colour effects, odd camera angles and skilful juxtaposition of space and matter Bartle’s brilliance gives the film an artistic dimension that will ensure its place in the top ranks of New Zealand filmmaking.