Director David Farrier, Dylan Reeve

Journalist David Farrier intends to document an international tickling competition for kicks. Instead, he finds a bizarre and even threatening world created by a bully with deep pockets.

"In the first half hour or so, I did what a few other commentators have done and questioned whether I was watching some elaborate practical joke. But no, the twists in Tickled are too odd. And the ending, when it comes, is nuanced and downbeat in a way that would elude any writer. I'll never be convinced that Catfish and American Movie aren't fakes, but Tickled is incontrovertibly the real deal.

Tickled is a mighty fine wee film. It is brave, occasionally disturbing, always thought-provoking and – still – hugely entertaining. You'll find yourself thinking and talking about Tickled for a long time after the credits have rolled. Very recommended." - Graeme Tuckett,