Young Guns II

Youngs Guns 800px

Director Geoff Murphy

Production Co Morgan Creek Entertainment

Producer John Fusco

With Emilio Estevez (William H. Bonney), Kiefer Sutherland (Doc Scurlock), Lou Diamond Phillips (Chavez y Chavez), Christian Slater (Arkansas Dave Dudabaugh)

Geoff Murphy’s first American feature, Young Guns II follows the life of Billy the Kid (Estevez), in the years following the Lincoln County war in which Billy was part of “The Regulators” – a group of highly skilled gunmen avenging the death of John Tunstall – and the years leading up to Billy’s documented death.

“Taking up where the original Young Guns left off, this sequel recalls the last two years in the life of William Bonney – that’s Billy the Kid, shot dead at 21 in 1881 by his former friend and fellow cattle rustler Pat Garrett, and subject of 47 previous movies. What is purportedly new and different with this particular version is the historical accuracy on show and, paradoxically, the possibility of a happy ending – perhaps Billy didn’t die after all – but what Young Guns II really has going for it is the central performance of Emilio Estevez, so cunning, witty, childish, irresponsible and credible left-handed gun…” — Empire Magazine. Click here for the full review.