Lux Soap Flakes

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This advertisement addresses women as wives and homemakers, in a fashion typical of this era: "Men, as a rule, are not too fussy about what they put on. But if there’s one thing that upsets their apple cart, it’s a tight-fitting pullover." Fortunately there is a way to make sure pullovers keep their fit in the wash – by using Lux soap flakes. "Keep your own woolies gay and fresh with that lovely-as-new look, that Lux look. And keep the menfolk’s pullovers dashing and well-fitting."

Lux manufacturer Lever Brothers Ltd reinforced the connection between woollen clothing and their product with promotions like the book of wartime knitting patterns pictured.

Image: Lever Brothers (N.Z.) Limited: 1941 Lux Book supplement. Is your man one of the lucky ones? Knit for him from these simple Lux instructions. [Cover. 1941]. Ref: Eph-A-KNIT-1941-02-front. Alexander Turnbull Library

Catalogue Reference 26338

Year 1948


Advertiser: Lever Brothers Ltd
Broadcaster: National Commercial Broadcasting Service

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