Royal New Zealand Air Force

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This series of radio advertisements encourages young men – and women – to join the Royal New Zealand Air Force or Womens' Auxiliary Air Force.

The "wordy" nature of these one-minute spoken commercials is in contrast to fast-paced modern military service recruiting campaigns, which are full of the promise of action and adventure.

Travel and adventure are mentioned in some of the 1952 commercials, but also the "liberal rates of pay... and no doctor's, dentist's or clothing bills, with good accommodation and meals... and facilities for sports and hobbies."

Image: Draffin, Michael, active 1977. [New Zealand. Royal New Zealand Air Force?]: If you are 18, join the R.N.Z.A.F. today! Fly with the Victory squadrons. [1944]. Ref: Eph-B-VARIETY-1944-01-p2. Alexander Turnbull Library

Catalogue Reference 31483

Year 1952


Advertiser: Royal New Zealand Air Force

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