Lifebuoy Hit Parade

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This excerpt from the long-running music chart show "The Lifebuoy Hit Parade," hosted by Rex Walden, shows how sponsorship was used in popular radio programming from the early years of commercial radio in New Zealand.

The manfacturers of Lifebuoy soap, Lever Brothers Ltd, would continue to sponsor this programme for another two decades, later under the name "The Lever Hit Parade."

The popularity of hit music amongst New Zealand's youth meant the programme was an ideal way for advertisers to promote sales of shampoos, soaps and other personal hygiene products.

Image: The Press, 27 June 1941 (courtesy of Papers Past).

Catalogue Reference 287145

Year 1946


Advertiser: Lever Brothers Ltd
Broadcaster: National Commercial Broadcasting Network
Announcer: Rex Walden

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