Dr Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl)

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Dr Michelle Dickinson, MNZM, aka Nanogirl

Nanogirl, the innovative alter-ego of scientist and nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson, has a mission to inspire, educate and empower. 

A science-savvy female, Nanogirl battles classroom boredom – she makes science fun and uses her engineering skills to solve challenges in her life. Michelle Dickinson created Nanogirl to break stereotypes and to show that science isn’t a boring subject. Her innovative thinking has really paid off – Nanogirl not only visits classrooms around the country, she also has a live show and a street style show. Look out for Nanogirl in your neighbourhood!

In this One News excerpt we see Nanogirl, experiments and all-round science fun.

Find out more about Dr Michelle Dickinson and Nanogirl:

Watch Dickinson explain nanotechnology as Nanogirl on YouTube. 

Find out more about Nanogirl on Dickinson's website.

Listen to Nanogirl's Great Science Adventures podcast for kids on RNZ.

Image: Screengrab: One News.

Catalogue Reference TZP458636

Year 2015


Reporter: Dean Butler

Excerpt: 0:01:44

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