Hinewehi Mohi

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Hinewehi Mohi, MNZM

Ngāti Kahungunu

It was innovative thinking that led singer Hinewehi Mohi to establish the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre in 2004. Named for her daughter, Hineraukatauri, who was born with severe cerebral palsy, Mohi recognised how music helped her daughter. 

The centre acknowledges our innate responsiveness to music and uses music therapies to provide a vehicle to assist with growth and development. Since 2004, the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre has helped thousands of people and has expanded, opening its first Regional Centre in the Hawke’s Bay in 2018.

This One News report was broadcast the day the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre opened in 2004.

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Image: Screengrab: One News.

Catalogue Reference TZP286363

Year 2004


Reporter: Rawdon Christie

Excerpt: 0:01:48

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