Tiakina – Kaitiaki Relationship Framework

Pānuihia mā te reo Māori

Tiakina, our Kaitiaki Relationship Framework, is a set of tools, guidelines, agreements and policies that will help Ngā Taonga develop more meaningful relationships with iwi Māori. Tiakina is based on the founding Kaupapa/Constitution of the original New Zealand Film Archive, incorporates the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and upholds the Waitangi Tribunal 262 claim. It also brings practical applications of whakaaro Māori to Taonga Māori across all areas of archival practice.

TIAKI table

We created the Kaitiaki Relationship Framework to build more collaboration and trust, and to allow Māori to exercise mana and control over how their taonga are made available. It makes space for Kaitiaki to speak on behalf of their collections. 

Tiakina sets out how we work with Kaitiaki of Taonga Māori audiovisual material in our care. We want to enable Kaitiaki to maintain an enduring relationship with their Taonga Māori, to ensure culturally appropriate use and to protect it from any derogatory or offensive public use. The Framework makes space for Kaitiaki to speak on behalf of their collections, while the Archive operates as the Kaipupuri of this material.

Tiakina launch video

Tiakina was launched on 1 July 2020. Watch a video of the launch below.

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Use the link above to download a short summary of Tiakina. 

Tā Mātou Oati ki ngā Kaitiaki

PDF, te reo Māori 

Our Promise to Kaitiaki

PDF, English